Wads A-B

Abdelazer, By Thomas Drugg
Acid Hell, By Dohlemille
Altier 6, By Keith Hickman
The Altimac, By Chris Bauman
Apollyon, By Adam Bishop
Annihilation, By Michael Mesko
Antras, By Donatas Tamonis
Area 51
Axe Series, By Anthony Conner
Barracks, By Justin Madigan,
Base 3, By David Gevert
Biowar, By Chris Harbin, Paul Corfiatis & John Bishop

Wads M

Marduk,By Patrik Hglud

Wads S

Shadows in Bronze,By Thomas Drugg

Wads U

UAC(Union Aerospace Corporation),By Kari Westerholm, Markku Steen, janizdreg of the Stimpack Team

UAC Dam facility,By Ben Turner

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