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DooM Programs

Level editors:

DCK v3.62(583 Kb)

Solid sector-based DOS editor by Ben Morris, for (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Shareware. Updated configuration file for Boom can be downloaded here. Comes with its own internal nodesbuilder.

DCK v2.2-f (560 Kb)

Last available -freeware- DCK version, courtesy of Lee Killough. Recommended for use with Boom instead of the latest shareware version. Configuration files updated for use with Boom (grab the .DAT files from any other DCK version for regular Doom(2) support) and Lee's texture limit "fix" is included (DCKT.*, use with extreme caution).

Deep v8.84s(1162 Kb)

Shareware (size-limited) DOS DPMI linedef-based editor for (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. Text file here.

DeePsea v11.01(2,11 MB)

Windows shareware (size-limited) editor for (Ultimate) Doom, (Final) Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and supports Boom, ZDoom, Slige and rorDoom. Formerly known as Deep97. Comes with its own internal nodesbuilder and even tools for creating/handling graphics, lumps and compiling / decompiling scripts. Home page here

Deth v4.24(350 Kb)

Deth (DOOM Editor for Total Headcases) is a GCC rewrite of DEU 5.21, supporting (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife, by Antony Burden. Updated by Jim Flynn for use with Boom. A version written for ZDoom can be found below. Uses Zennode as internal nodesbuilder. Changelog can be found here

Zeth v4.05(342 Kb)

Version of Deth written specifically for use with the source port ZDoom, by Randy Heit. For documentation refer to the Deth archive.

Demon v1.02b(597 Kb)

Level editor for Mac, never went beyond the beta stage. Source available here.. Home page here. .

DEU v5.21(485 Kb)

Well-known but old DOS editor for any Doom.

DEU-GCC v5.21(527 Kb)

This is the DJGPP/GO32 version of DEU 5.21. '' includes binaries, drivers and source, but -not- docs, examples and such. This version makes use of all your available memory and not just the 640 K conventional memory.

DEU v5.3 release 1.1d(198 Kb)

OS/2 version of this editor for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen.

DEU v5.9 16-bit(544 Kb)

Win3.x version of DEU v5.9.

DEU v5.9 32-bit(453 Kb)

DEU v5.9 for Win3.x + 32s patch, Win95 or WinNT.

DMapEdit v4.3(963 Kb)

DOS Editor for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and ZDoom. Comes with tutorials and its own internal nodesbuilder. Text file here. Info on versions beyond 4.00 as well as the latest betas can be found here.

DoomCad v6.1(680 Kb)

Beta version of this DOS Doom, Doom2 and Heretic editor.

Edmap v1.40(442 Kb)

I prefer to use the previous version (v1.31, 407 Kb), since that one appears to be more stable. Supports texture/sprite wads. Very powerfull, but uses only the 640 K conventional memory. Good interface. Easy to switch nodesbuilder by means of editing a batch file (default WARM). Text file here.

Hellmaker v1.1(930 Kb)

Beta of this Mac-only editor, shareware, with $10 registration free. Beta v1.2b2 available here (1022 Kb). Not updated anymore. Home page here.

WadAuthor v1.30(993 Kb)

Win3.X / Win9X / WinNT editor for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Updated configuration file for use with Boom can be found here; for ZDoom here (13 Kb). Text file here.

WADED v1.83(83 Kb)

DOS editor for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic.

Yadex v1.5.1(472 Kb)

GPL'ed generic level editor for Unix systems running X, by Andre Majorel. Based on DEU. More info at home page.

Nodes Builders

BSP v2.3x(170 Kb)

Simply the best! The most powerfull nodesbuilder around, by Colin Reed / Lee Killough. Includes source. Text file here.

BSP v3.0(148 Kb)

Last version of BSP by Lee Killough, 'unofficial release'. This version is supposed to fix slime trails that were occurring previously. Source included. Text file here.

BSP v5.0(224 Kb)

Update to v3.0 by Colin Phipps. Improvements include big endian and better Unix support, cleaned-up code, 'vastly more' memory-efficient when working on large multi-level WADs, and native to Win32. Home page here.

BSP for Linux(72 Kb)

BSP v1.2 compiled for Linux. Text file here.

BSP for OS/2(43 Kb)

BSP v1.2 ported to OS/2. Text file here.

BSPComp v1.0(130 Kb)

Nodesbuilder for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic. Text file here

IDBSP v1.0(193 Kb)

Ancient port of id's own nodesbuilder to DOS, by Ron Rossbach. Does not support most special effects.

glBSP v1.91 Win32 Binaries(56 Kb)

Win32 version of Andrew Apted's modification of BSP v2.3, specifically designed to use with OpenGL Doom ports. It "adheres to the GL_Friendly Nodes specification, which means it adds some new special nodes to a WAD file that makes it very easy (and fast!) for an OpenGL Doom engine to compute the polygons needed for drawing the levels". Of course, only works for source ports that support this format. Documentation included. Home page here.

glBSP v1.91 DOS Binaries(56 Kb)

DOS version of Andrew Apted's modification of BSP v2.3, specifically designed to use with OpenGL Doom ports. Documentation included. Home page here.

glBSP v1.91 Linux Binaries(29 Kb)

Linux (Glibc2) version of Andrew Apted's modification of BSP v2.3, specifically designed to use with OpenGL Doom ports. Documentation included. Source in DOS/Win32 .zip (67 Kb) / Linux .tgz format (54 Kb) plus Libc5 binaries (29 Kb) available as well. Home page here.

MacBSP v1.0 (72 Kb )

Mac nodesbuilder for Doom, based on BSP.

machexbsp v1.0 (92 Kb)

Mac nodesbuilder for Hexen, based on BSP.

WARM v1.6(231 Kb)

Multiple platform nodesbuilder for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen, by Robert Fenske. Text file here.

Zennode v1.06(252 Kb )

Multiple platform nodesbuilder by Marc Rousseau for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Home page here.

EXE Editors and Scripting Utilities

ACC v1.15(46 Kb)

ACC v1.15 (which you need to compile Hexen / ZDoom scripts), using the original source (113 Kb) as codebase. See "ZDoom" source port. Source code of ACC v1.13 is available here (34 Kb).

DeHackEd v3.1 (111 Kb)

The only EXE editor you'll ever need. Works with (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2 and Final Doom from v1.666 and up. Source for v3.0 available here (85 Kb).

Doominator v2.0(59 Kb)

Mac equivalent of Dehacked, by Paul Davidson, but does not change the miscellaneous, sounds, text, sprite names and cheat codes classes. Home page here.
DeMacked v2.5 45 Kb Additional exe hacker for the Mac, requires Doominator (see above) to run.

Hexen Hack Editor v0.53p(75 Kb )

DeHackEd-like editor for Hexen, beta (never completed)..
Heretic Hack Editor v1.1 59 Kb DeHackEd-like editor for Heretic. This works only for Heretic versions -below- v1.3 (so, v1.0; v1.1 and v1.2).

Hexen BEHAVIOR De-compiler v0.5(122 Kb)

This version simply dumps the contents of the BEHAVIOR structure in a format that is fairly close to the original ACS script source code. With some manual editing, it can be recompiled and put into your .WAD file.

DEACC v1.1x(65 Kb)

DEACC tries to decompile hexen scripts into ACS files. It can read both raw behavior lump files (ACC output) and behavior lumps from a wad file. DOS and OS/2 version.

Descript v1.4 (28 Kb )

Descript is a fully fledged and user-friendly HEXEN script decompiler, that generates highly readable source code from any compiled script. This may take the form of a self contained object file, or the BEHAVIOR resource in a main or patch WAD file.

Graphics, Sounds and Music WAD Editors

Deutex / Deusf v3.6(148 Kb)

Powerfull batch-based DOS editor by Olivier Montanuy for graphics, sounds and music WAD editing.

Deutex / Deusf v4.4.0(301 Kb)

Updated version of Deutex, now maintained by Andre Majorel. Source available as well (210 Kb). Home page here.

Deutex v3.6 for Linux(108 Kb)

Linux version of Deutex / Deusf.

Deimos v0.41b(64 Kb)

Mac utility for pasting your graphics and sounds into wads.

Wintex v4.3(280 Kb)

Win95 version of Deutex, supports (Ultimate) Doom, (Final) Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. Powerfull. Source of Wintex v4.3 is available here (454 Kb) but contact Andre Majorel about using this first.


ENDOOM screen editor.

TED v1.2(14 Kb)

ENDOOM screen editor.

Inkworks(223 Kb)

Nifty utility to change the COLORMAP / PALETTE entry for any WAD file, creating things like eg. fog effects.

NWT v1.3 (75Kb)

DOS graphics, sounds and music WAD editor for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic. Powerfull, with windows interface. Source code can be found here (157 Kb, turbo C compiler can be found here).

NWT Pro(158 Kb )

Never completed beta of the 'next' NWT, supports any WAD file (including Strife) but no sounds / music WAD editing.

WWKSuite(47 Kb)

A collection of small Mac utilities including WAD Compositor, Sound Extractor, and WAV to WAD.

Reject Map Builders

Reject v1.1 (55 Kb)

Reject map builder for Doom and Doom2

RMB v3.0 (169 Kb)

Reject map builder for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen, by Jens Hykkelbjerg. Special effects possible as well. Recommended.


DM2Conv v3.2(67 Kb)

Converts levels from Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom2 or Heretic to Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom2 or Heretic.

WADenizer(40 Kb)

Converts PC WADs to Mac compatible WADs.

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